KrylovSolver.gensubspace(max_dim_q, frequency, check_orthogonality=False, full_file=None)#

Generate a Krylov subspace for model reduction in a harmonic analysis.

This method generates a Krylov subspace used for a model reduction solution in a harmonic analysis. The subspace is built using the assembled matrices and load vector on the <jobname>.full file that is located in the current working directory. This FULL file should be built at the specified frequency value.


Maximum size/dimension of the Krylov subspace.


Frequency value in Hz to build the Krylov subspace at.

check_orthogonalitybool, optional

Whether to check the orthonormal properties of each subspace vector with all other subspace vectors. The result matrix is stored in KrylovSolver.orthogonality <ansys.mapdl.core.krylov.KrylovSolver.orthogonality. The default is False.

full_filestr, optional

Name of the FULL file to read. The default is <jobname>.full.


Krylov subspace.


Distributed Ansys restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed Ansys.