download#, target_dir=None, chunk_size=None, progress_bar=None, recursive=False)#

Download files from the gRPC instance workind directory


This feature is only available for MAPDL 2021R1 or newer.

filesstr or List[str] or Tuple(str)

Name of the file on the server. File must be in the same directory as the mapdl instance. A list of string names or tuples of string names can also be used. List current files with

Alternatively, you can also specify glob expressions to match file names. For example: ‘file*’ to match every file whose name starts with ‘file’.

chunk_sizeint, optional

Chunk size in bytes. Must be less than 4MB. Defaults to 256 kB.

progress_barbool, optional

Display a progress bar using tqdm when True. Helpful for showing download progress.


Use recursion when using glob pattern.


There are some considerations to keep in mind when using this command:

  • The glob pattern search does not search recursively in remote instances.

  • In a remote instance, it is not possible to list or download files in different locations than the MAPDL working directory.

  • If you are in local and provide a file path, downloading files from a different folder is allowed. However it is not a recommended approach.


Download a single file:


Download all the files starting with ‘file’:


Download every single file in the MAPDL workind directory:


Alternatively, you can download all the files using Mapdl.download_project (recommended):

>>> mapdl.download_project()