AnsSolver.factorize(mat, algo=None, inplace=True)#

Factorize a matrix

Perform the numerical factorization of a linear solver system (\(A*x=b\)).


By default, factorization modifies the input matrix mat in place. This behavior can be changed using the inplace argument.


An ansys.mapdl.math matrix.

algostr, optional

Factorization algorithm. Either "LAPACK" (default for dense matrices) or "DSP" (default for sparse matrices).

inplacebool, optional

If False, the factorization is performed on a copy of the input matrix (mat argument), hence this input matrix (mat) is not changed. Default is True.


Factorize a random matrix and solve a linear system.

>>> mm = mapdl.math
>>> dim = 1000
>>> m2 = mm.rand(dim, dim)
>>> solver = mm.factorize(m2)
>>> b = mm.ones(dim)
>>> x = solver.solve(b)