save#, binary=True, force_linear=False, allowable_types=None, null_unallowed=False)#

Save the geometry as a vtk file

filenamestr, pathlib.Path

Filename of output file. Writer type is inferred from the extension of the filename.

binarybool, optional

If True, write as binary, else ASCII.

force_linearbool, optional

This parser creates quadratic elements if available. Set this to True to always create linear elements. Defaults to False.

allowable_typeslist, optional

Allowable element types. Defaults to all valid element types in ansys.mapdl.reader.elements.valid_types

See help(ansys.mapdl.reader.elements) for available element types.

null_unallowedbool, optional

Elements types not matching element types will be stored as empty (null) elements. Useful for debug or tracking element numbers. Default False.


Binary files write much faster than ASCII and have a smaller file size.