PostProcessing.plot_element_displacement(component='NORM', option='AVG', show_elem_numbering=False, **kwargs)#

Plot element displacement.

componentstr, optional

Structural displacement component to retrieve. Must be "X", "Y", "Z", or "NORM".

optionstr, optional

Option for storing element table data. One of the following:

  • "MIN" : Store minimum element nodal value of the specified item component.

  • "MAX" : Store maximum element nodal value of the specified item component.

  • "AVG" : Store averaged element centroid value of the specified item component (default).

show_elem_numberingbool, optional

Plot the element numbers of the elements.

**kwargsdict, optional

Keyword arguments passed to general_plotter.


Camera position from plotter. Can be reused as an input parameter to use the same camera position for future plots. Only returned when return_cpos is True.


If vkt=True (default), this function uses general_plotter You can pass key arguments to general_plotter using kwargs argument. For example, show_axes , background, etc.


Plot the mean normalized element displacement for the first result in the “X” direction.

>>> mapdl.post1()
>>> mapdl.set(1, 1)
>>> mapdl.post_processing.plot_element_displacement(
...     "NORM",
...     option="AVG"
... )