Mapdl.ceinqr(nce, key, pname='__tmpvar__', **kwargs)#

Get information about a constraint equation set.


DISCLAIMER: This function is un-documented in the official ANSYS Command Reference Guide. Hence its support is limited and it use is not encouraged. Please use it with caution.


Constraint equation number


Inquiry key. It should be zero for key=11, DB_NUMDEFINED, DB_NUMSELECTED, DB_MAXDEFINED, and DB_MAXRECLENG

  • DB_SELECTED - return select status

    • 1 - equation is selected

    • 0 - equation is undefined

    • -1 - equation is unselected

  • DB_NUMDEFINED - return number of defined constraint equations.

  • DB_NUMSELECTED - return number of selected constraint equations.

  • DB_MAXDEFINED - return number of highest numbered constraint equation defined.

  • DB_MAXRECLENG - return length of longest constraint equation set (max record length)

  • 2 - return length (data units)

  • 3 - return layer number

  • 4 - address of first data word

  • 5 - return number of values stored for nce

  • 11 - return void percent (integer)

  • 16 - return location of next record

  • CE_NONLINEAR - return 1 if CE is nonlinear

  • CE_ELEMNUMBER - return associated element number


Name of the variable where the queried value is stored.


Extra arguments to be passed to Mapdl.run.

int or str

The returned value of ceinqr is based on setting of key.