Mapdl.ugin(name='', extension='', path='', entity='', layer='', fmt='', **kwargs)#

Transfers an NX part into the ANSYS program.

APDL Command: ~UGIN


The file name of the NX part to be imported, which cannot exceed 64 characters in length. The path name must begin with an alphanumeric character. Special characters such as &, -, and * are not permitted in the part name.


The NX part file extension. The default is .prt.


The full path name to the directory containing the part, enclosed in single quotes; for example, ‘/ug_parts’. The default is the current working directory.


Entity to be imported.

0 or Solid - Solids only, imported as ANSYS volumes (the default).

1 or Surface - Surfaces only, imported as ANSYS areas.

2 or Wireframe - Wireframe only, imported as ANSYS lines.

3 or All - All entities. Use this option when the part

contains entities that may not be attached to each other, such as a solid in one location and a surface in another.


The number(s) assigned to the layer(s) to be imported. You can import one layer or a range of layers (designated by hyphens). Defaults to 1-256 (all layers).


The format in which ANSYS will store the model.

0 - Neutral format (default). Defeaturing after import is restricted.

1 - Solid format; this allows defeaturing after import.


More information on importing NX parts is available in UG/NX in the Connection User’s Guide.