Mapdl.cfwrite(command='', **kwargs)#

Writes an ANSYS command (or similar string) to a “command” file.



Command or string to be written. The standard command form of a label followed by arguments separated by commas is assumed. Command may be a parameter assignment (e.g., *CFWRITE, A = 5).


Writes an ANSYS command (or similar string) to the file opened with *CFOPEN. The Command string is not executed (except that numeric and character parameter substitution and operations (with embedded *, /, >,$ etc. characters) are performed before writing). When used with *GET results and parameter substitution, an ANSYS command can be created from results and then read back into the ANSYS program (or used elsewhere). For example, if the command *CFWRITE,BF,NNUM,TEMP,TVAL is used in a do-loop, where TVAL is a parameter value returned from the *GET operation and NNUM is a specified or returned parameter value, a series of BF commands, with numerical values substituted for the two parameters, will be written. To create a file without parameter substitution, use *CREATE.

This command is valid in any processor.