Mapdl.lsbac(enginename='', rhsvector='', solvector='', **kwargs)#

Performs the solve (forward/backward substitution) of a factorized linear system.

APDL Command: *LSBAC


Name used to identify this engine. Must have been previously created using *LSENGINE and factorized using *LSFACTOR.


Name of vector containing the right-hand side (load) vectors as input. Must have been previously defined as a *VEC vector or a *DMAT matrix.


Name of vector that will contain the solution vectors upon completion. Must be predefined as a *VEC vector or *DMAT matrix.


This command performs forward and back substitution to obtain the solution to the linear matrix equation Ax = b. The matrix engine must have been previously defined using *LSENGINE, and the matrix factored using *LSFACTOR.

You can use the *DMAT,,,COPY (or *VEC,,,COPY) command to copy the load vector to the solution vector in order to predefine it with the appropriate size.