Mapdl.mfun(parr='', func='', par1='', **kwargs)#

Copies or transposes an array parameter matrix.

APDL Command: *MFUN


The name of the resulting array parameter matrix. See *SET for name restrictions.


Copy or transpose function:

Par1 is copied to ParR - Par1 is transposed to ParR. Rows (m) and columns (n) of Par1 matrix are transposed to resulting ParR matrix of shape (n,m).


Array parameter matrix input to the operation.


Operates on one input array parameter matrix and produces one output array parameter matrix according to:

ParR = f(Par1)

where the function (f) is either a copy or transpose, as described above.

Functions are based on the standard FORTRAN definitions where possible. ParR may be the same as Par1. Starting array element numbers must be defined for each array parameter matrix if it does not start at the first location. For example, *MFUN,A(1,5),COPY,B(2,3) copies matrix B (starting at element (2,3)) to matrix A (starting at element (1,5)). The diagonal corner elements for each submatrix must be defined: the upper left corner by the array starting element (on this command), the lower right corner by the current values from the *VCOL and *VLEN commands. The default values are the (1,1) element and the last element in the matrix. No operations progress across matrix planes (in the 3rd dimension). Absolute values and scale factors may be applied to all parameters [*VABS, *VFACT]. Results may be cumulative [*VCUM].

Array elements should not be skipped with the *VMASK and the NINC value of the *VLEN specifications. The number of rows [*VLEN] applies to the Par1 array. See the *VOPER command for details.

This command is valid in any processor.