Mapdl.taxis(parmloc='', naxis='', val1='', val2='', val3='', val4='', val5='', val6='', val7='', val8='', val9='', val10='', **kwargs)#

Defines table index numbers.

APDL Command: *TAXIS


Name and starting location in the table array parameter for indexing. Indexing occurs along the axis defined with nAxis.


Axis along which indexing occurs. Valid labels are:

Corresponds to Row. Default. - Corresponds to Column.

Corresponds to Plane. - Corresponds to Book.

Corresponds to Shelf. - Lists all index numbers. Valid only if Val1 = LIST.

val1, val2, val3, … , val10

Values of the index numbers for the axis nAxis, starting from the table array parameter location ParmLoc. You can define up to ten values.


*TAXIS is a convenient method to define table index values. These values reside in the zero column, row, etc. Instead of filling values in these zero location spots, use the *TAXIS command.

To list index numbers, issue `*TAXIS,ParmLoc, nAxis, LIST, where nAxis = 1 through 5 or ALL.