Mapdl.vitrp(parr='', part='', pari='', parj='', park='', **kwargs)#

Forms an array parameter by interpolation of a table.

APDL Command: *VITRP


The name of the resulting array parameter. See *SET for name restrictions.


The name of the TABLE array parameter. The parameter must exist as a dimensioned array of type TABLE [*DIM].


Array parameter vector of I (row) index values for interpolation in ParT.


Array parameter vector of J (column) index values for interpolation in ParT (which must be at least 2-D).


Array parameter vector of K (depth) index values for interpolation in ParT (which must be 3-D).


Forms an array parameter (of type ARRAY) by interpolating values of an array parameter (of type TABLE) at specified table index locations according to:

ParR = f(ParT, Parl, ParJ, ParK)

where ParT is the type TABLE array parameter, and ParI, ParJ, ParK are the type ARRAY array parameter vectors of index values for interpolation in ParT. See the *DIM command for TABLE and ARRAY declaration types. Linear interpolation is used. The starting array element number for the TABLE array (ParT) is not used (but a value must be input). Starting array element numbers must be defined for each array parameter vector if it does not start at the first location. For example, *VITRP,R(5),TAB(1,1),X(2),Y(4) uses the second element of X and the fourth element of Y as index values (row and column) for a 2-D interpolation in TAB and stores the result in the fifth element of R. Operations continue on successive array elements [*VLEN, *VMASK] with the default being all successive elements. Absolute values and scale factors may be applied to the result parameter [*VABS, *VFACT]. Results may be cumulative [*VCUM]. See the *VOPER command for details.

This command is valid in any processor.