Array parameters#

These APDL commands are used to operate on parameter arrays (vectors and matrices).


Many of these commands are kept for legacy compatibility.

To interact with arrays in a more Pythonic manner, see the parameters class Parameters .

For working with arrays outside of MAPDL, consider using NumPy.

Mapdl.mfouri([oper, coeff, mode, isym, ...])

Calculates the coefficients for, or evaluates, a Fourier series.

Mapdl.mfun([parr, func, par1])

Copies or transposes an array parameter matrix.

Mapdl.moper([parr, par1, oper, val1, val2, ...])

Performs matrix operations on array parameter matrices.

Mapdl.mwrite([parr, fname, ext, label, n1, ...])

Writes a matrix to a file in a formatted sequence.

Mapdl.sread([strarray, fname, ext, nchar, ...])

Reads a file into a string array parameter.

Mapdl.toper([parr, par1, oper, par2, fact1, ...])

Operates on table parameters.

Mapdl.vabs([kabsr, kabs1, kabs2, kabs3])

Applies the absolute value function to array parameters.

Mapdl.vcol([ncol1, ncol2])

Specifies the number of columns in matrix operations.


Allows array parameter results to add to existing results.

Mapdl.vfact([factr, fact1, fact2, fact3])

Applies a scale factor to array parameters.

Mapdl.vfun([parr, func, par1, con1, con2, con3])

Performs a function on a single array parameter.

Mapdl.vitrp([parr, part, pari, parj, park])

Forms an array parameter by interpolation of a table.

Mapdl.vlen([nrow, ninc])

Specifies the number of rows to be used in array parameter operations.


Specifies an array parameter as a masking vector.

Mapdl.voper([parr, par1, oper, par2, con1, con2])

Operates on two array parameters.

Mapdl.starvput([parr, entity, entnum, ...])

Restores array parameter values into the ANSYS database.

Mapdl.vscfun([parr, func, par1])

Determines properties of an array parameter.


Lists the current specifications for the array parameters.

Mapdl.vwrite([par1, par2, par3, par4, par5, ...])

Writes data to a file in a formatted sequence.