Radiosity solver#

These AUX12 commands are used to calculate the radiation view factors and to specify the solution parameters for the Radiosity solver method.


Specifies options for Hemicube view factor calculation.

Mapdl.radopt([fluxtol, solver, maxiter, ...])

Specifies Radiosity Solver options.

Mapdl.spcnod([encl, node])

Defines a space node for radiation using the Radiosity method.

Mapdl.spctemp([encl, temp])

Defines a free-space ambient temperature for radiation using the

Mapdl.v2dopt([geom, ndiv, hidopt, nzone])

Specifies 2-D/axisymmetric view factor calculation options.

Mapdl.vfsm([action, encl, opt, maxiter, conv])

Adjusts view factor matrix to satisfy reciprocity and/or row sum properties.

Mapdl.vfopt([opt, filename, ext, dir_, ...])

Specifies options for the view factor file and calculates view factors.

Mapdl.vfquery([srcelem, tarelem])

Queries and prints element Hemicube view factors and average view