Mapdl.allsel(labt='', entity='', **kwargs)#

Selects all entities with a single command.



Type of selection to be made:

ALL - Selects all items of the specified entity type and all

items of lower entity types (default).

BELOW - Selects all items directly associated with and below

the selected items of the specified entity type.


Entity type on which selection is based:

ALL - All entity types (default).

VOLU - Volumes.

AREA - Areas.

LINE - Lines.

KP - Keypoints.

ELEM - Elements.

NODE - Nodes.


ALLSEL is a convenience command that allows the user to select all items of a specified entity type or to select items associated with the selected items of a higher entity.

An entity hierarchy is used to decide what entities will be available in the selection process. This hierarchy from top to bottom is as follows: volumes, areas, lines, keypoints, elements, and nodes. The hierarchy may also be divided into two branches: the solid model and the finite element model. The label ALL selects items based on one branch only, while BELOW uses the entire entity hierarchy. For example, ALLSEL,ALL,VOLU selects all volumes, areas, lines, and keypoints in the data base. ALLSEL,BELOW,AREA selects all lines belonging to the selected areas; all keypoints belonging to those lines; all elements belonging to those areas, lines, and keypoints; and all nodes belonging to those elements.

The $ character should not be used after the ALLSEL command.

This command is valid in any processor.


>>> mapdl.allsel()