Mapdl.clear(*args, **kwargs)#

Clear the database.

APDL Command: /CLEAR

Resets the ANSYS database to the conditions at the beginning of the problem. Sets the import and Boolean options back to the ANSYS default. All items are deleted from the database and memory values are set to zero for items derived from database information. All files are left intact. This command is useful between multiple analyses in the same run, or between passes of a multi-pass analysis (such as between the substructure generation, use, and expansion passes). Should not be used in a do-loop since loop counters will be reset. on the same line as the /CLEAR command.

/CLEAR resets the jobname to match the currently open session .LOG and .ERR files. This will return the jobname to its original value, or to the most recent value specified on /FILNAME with KEY = 1.

This command is valid only at the Begin level.


>>> mapdl.clear()