cm#'', entity='', **kwargs)#

Groups geometry items into a component.

APDL Command: CM


An alphanumeric name used to identify this component. Cname may be up to 32 characters, beginning with a letter and containing only letters, numbers, and underscores. Component names beginning with an underscore (e.g., _LOOP) are reserved for use by ANSYS and should be avoided. Components named “ALL,” “STAT,” and “DEFA” are not permitted. Overwrites a previously defined name.


Label identifying the type of geometry items to be grouped:

VOLU - Volumes.

AREA - Areas.

LINE - Lines.

KP - Keypoints.

ELEM - Elements.

NODE - Nodes.


Components may be further grouped into assemblies [CMGRP]. The selected items of the specified entity type will be stored as the component. Use of this component in the select command [CMSEL] causes all these items to be selected at once, for convenience.

A component is a grouping of some geometric entity that can then be conveniently selected or unselected. A component may be redefined by reusing a previous component name. The following entity types may belong to a component: nodes, elements, keypoints, lines, areas, and volumes. A component may contain only 1 entity type, but an individual item of any entity may belong to any number of components. Once defined, the items contained in a component may then be easily selected or unselected [CMSEL]. Components may be listed [CMLIST], modified [CMMOD] and deleted [CMDELE]. Components may also be further grouped into assemblies [CMGRP]. Other entities associated with the entities in a component (e.g., the lines and keypoints associated with areas) may be selected by the ALLSEL command.

An item will be deleted from a component if it has been deleted by another operation (see the KMODIF command for an example). Components are automatically updated to reflect deletions of one or more of their items. Components are automatically deleted and a warning message is issued if all their items are deleted. Assemblies are also automatically updated to reflect deletions of one or more of their components or subassemblies, but are not deleted if all their components and subassemblies are deleted.

This command is valid in any processor.


Create a component selection named "PRES_A" after selecting the areas located in the Y plane at loc.

>>> mapdl.asel('S', 'LOC', 'Y', loc)
>>>'PRES_A', 'AREA')