Mapdl.cmgrp(aname='', cnam1='', cnam2='', cnam3='', cnam4='', cnam5='', cnam6='', cnam7='', cnam8='', **kwargs)#

Groups components and assemblies into an assembly.



An alphanumeric name used to identify this assembly. Aname may be up to 32 characters, beginning with a letter and containing only letters, numbers, and underscores. Overwrites a previously defined Aname (and removes it from higher level assemblies, if any).

cnam1, cnam2, cnam3, … , cnam8

Names of existing components or other assemblies to be included in this assembly.


Groups components and other assemblies into an assembly identified by a name. CMGRP is used for the initial definition of an assembly. An assembly is used in the same manner as a component. Up to 5 levels of assemblies within assemblies may be used.

An assembly is a convenient grouping of previously defined components and other assemblies. Assemblies may contain components only, other assemblies, or any combination. A component may belong to any number of assemblies. Up to 5 levels of nested assemblies may be defined. Components and assemblies may be added to or deleted from an existing assembly by the CMEDIT command. Once defined, an assembly may be listed, deleted, selected, or unselected using the same commands as for a component. Assemblies are automatically updated to reflect deletions of one or more of their components or lower-level assemblies. Assemblies are not automatically deleted when all their components or subassemblies are deleted.

This command is valid in any processor.