Mapdl.fitem(nfield='', item='', itemy='', itemz='', **kwargs)#

Identifies items chosen by a picking operation (GUI).



Field number on the command which uses the picking data. (Count the command name as a field, so that a 2 indicates the first command argument, 3 the second command argument, etc.) The corresponding field on the command will have a P51X label.


Entity number of the entity picked. Negative entity numbers are used to indicate a range of entities. If the item picked is a coordinate location, then this field represents the X-coordinate. See also the FLST command.

itemy, itemz

Y and Z coordinates of a picked coordinate location. ITEM represents the X coordinate. See also the FLST command.


This is a command generated by the GUI and will appear in the log file (Jobname.LOG) if graphical picking is used. This command is not intended to be typed in directly in an ANSYS session (although it can be included in an input file for batch input or for use with the /INPUT command).

On the log file, a set of FITEM commands is preceded by one FLST command which defines the picking specifications for that pick operation. The data listed in the FITEM commands are used by the first subsequent command containing a P51X label in one of its fields.

Caution:: : For a given entity type, a list containing an ITEM that is larger than the maximum defined entity, could deplete the system memory and produce unpredictable results.

This command is valid in any processor.