Mapdl.nsla(type_='', nkey='', **kwargs)#

Selects those nodes associated with the selected areas.

APDL Command: NSLA


Label identifying the type of node select:

S - Select a new set (default).

R - Reselect a set from the current set.

A - Additionally select a set and extend the current set.

U - Unselect a set from the current set.


Specifies whether only interior area nodes are to be selected:

0 - Select only nodes interior to selected areas.

1 - Select all nodes (interior to area, interior to lines, and at keypoints)

associated with the selected areas.


Valid only if the nodes were generated by an area meshing operation [AMESH, VMESH] on a solid model that contains the selected areas.

This command is valid in any processor.


Select area(s) at location x=0. Note that the selection tolerance above and below 0 will depend on the value of mapdl.seltol

>>> mapdl.asel('S', 'LOC', 'X', 0)

Select nodes residing on those areas.

>>> mapdl.nsla('S', 1)