Mapdl.partsel(type_='', pmin='', pmax='', pinc='', **kwargs)#

Selects a subset of parts in an explicit dynamic analysis.



Label identifying type of select. Because PARTSEL is a command macro, the label must be enclosed in single quotes.

‘S’ - Select a new set (default).

‘R’ - Reselect a set from the current set.

‘A’ - Additionally select a set and extend the current set.

‘U’ - Unselect a set from the current set.

‘ALL’ - Select all parts.

‘NONE’ - Unselect all parts.

‘INVE’ - Invert the current selected set.


PARTSEL invokes an ANSYS macro that selects parts in an explicit dynamic analysis. When PARTSEL is executed, an element component is automatically created for each existing part. For example, the elements that make up PART 1 are grouped into the element component _PART1. Each time the PARTSEL command is executed, components for unselected parts will be unselected. To plot selected parts, choose Utility Menu> Plot> Parts in the GUI or issue the command PARTSEL,’PLOT’.

After selecting parts, if you change the selected set of nodes or elements and then plot parts, the nodes and elements associated with the previously selected parts (from the last PARTSEL command) will become the currently selected set.

Note:: : A more efficient way to select and plot parts is to use the ESEL (with ITEM = PART) and EPLOT commands. We recommend using ESEL instead of PARTSEL since PARTSEL will be phased out in a future release. Note that the menu path mentioned above for plotting parts does not work with the ESEL command; use Utility Menu> Plot> Elements instead.

In an explicit dynamic small restart analysis (EDSTART,2), PARTSEL can be used to unselect a part during the solution even if it is referenced in some way (such as in a contact definition). (Note that ESEL cannot be used for this purpose.) However, in a new analysis or a full restart analysis (EDSTART,3), all parts that are used in some type of definition must be selected at the time of solution.

This command is valid in any processor.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.