Mapdl.units(label='', lenfact='', massfact='', timefact='', tempfact='', toffset='', chargefact='', forcefact='', heatfact='', **kwargs)#

Annotates the database with the system of units used.

APDL Command: /UNITS


Label to denote the system of units used in this job:

USER - User-defined system (default).

SI - International system (m, kg, s, K).

MKS - MKS system (m, kg, s, °C).

uMKS - μMKS system (μm, kg, s, °C).

CGS - CGS system (cm, g, s, °C).

MPA - MPA system (mm, Mg, s, °C).

BFT - U. S. Customary system using feet (ft, slug, s, °F).

BIN - U. S. Customary system using inches (in, lbf*s2/in, s, °F).


Allows the user to set a marker in the database indicating the system of units used. The setting may be reviewed with the /STATUS command at the Begin level. The units label and conversion factors on this command are for user convenience only and have no effect on the analysis or data. That is, /UNITS will not convert database items from one system to another (e.g., from U. S. Customary to SI, etc.). The units setting will be written to the file of IGES data [IGESOUT or CDWRITE], which can then be read by many programs that read IGES files. The user must still use consistent units for the results to be valid.

If you choose the MKS system of units, the EPZRO option for the EMUNIT command is set to 8.85 e-12 F/m. (EPZRO specifies alternate free-space permittivity.)

For micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), where dimensions are on the order of microns, see the conversion factors in System of Units in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide.

If you use the ANSYS ADAMS Interface to export model information to the ADAMS program, the /UNITS command is required to ensure the correct transfer of data between ANSYS and ADAMS. You may choose a predefined unit system label (Label = SI, CGS, etc.) or you can select the user- defined system option (Label = USER) and input the appropriate conversion factors (LENFACT, MASSFACT, TIMEFACT, and FORCEFACT). The conversion factors will be written to the ADAMS input file Jobname.MNF in order to correctly generate the load. For more information, see Export to ADAMS in the Substructuring Analysis Guide.

All differences between the base solution units used by the ANSYS and CFX solvers will be noted in the ANSYS output file. Unit conversions are automatically applied to all loads transferred unless Label = USER. Unit conversions are not applied to any of the loads transferred between the ANSYS and CFX solvers if they use a user-defined unit system.

This command is valid in any processor.