Mapdl.wpstyl(snap='', grspac='', grmin='', grmax='', wptol='', wpctyp='', grtype='', wpvis='', snapang='', **kwargs)#

Controls the display and style of the working plane.



Snap increment for a locational pick (1E-6 minimum). If -1, turn off snap capability. For example, a picked location of 1.2456 with a snap of 0.1 gives 1.2, with 0.01 gives 1.25, with 0.001 gives 1.246, and with 0.025 gives 1.250 (defaults to 0.05).


Graphical spacing between grid points. For graphical representation only and not related to snap points (defaults to 0.1).

grmin, grmax

Defines the size of a square grid (if WPCTYP = 0) to be displayed over a portion of the working plane. The opposite corners of the grid will be located at grid points nearest the working plane coordinates of (GRMIN,GRMIN) and (GRMAX,GRMAX). If a polar system (WPCTYP = 1), GRMAX is the outside radius of grid and GRMIN is ignored. If GRMIN = GRMAX, no grid will be displayed (defaults to -1.0 and 1.0 for GRMIN and GRMAX respectively).


The tolerance that an entity’s location can deviate from the specified working plane, while still being considered on the plane. Used only for locational picking of vertices for polygons and prisms (defaults to 0.003).


Working plane coordinate system type:

0 - Cartesian (default). If working plane tracking is on [CSYS,4], the updated

active coordinate system will also be Cartesian.

1 - Polar. If working plane tracking is on, the updated active coordinate system

will be cylindrical.

2 - Polar. If working plane tracking is on, the updated active coordinate system

will be spherical.


Grid type:

0 - Grid and WP triad.

1 - Grid only.

2 - WP triad only (default).


Grid visibility:

0 - Do not show GRTYPE entities (grid and/or triad) (default).

1 - Show GRTYPE entities. Cartesian working planes will be displayed with a

Cartesian grid, polar with a polar grid.


Snap angle (0–180) in degrees. Used only if WPCTYP = 1 or 2. Defaults to 5 degrees.


Use WPSTYL,DEFA to reset the working plane to its default location and style. Use WPSTYL,STAT to list the status of the working plane. Blank fields will keep present settings.

It is possible to specify SNAP and WPTOL values that will cause conflicts during picking operations. Check your values carefully, and if problems are noted, revert to the default values.

WPSTYL with no arguments will toggle the grid on and off. The working plane can be displayed in the non-GUI interactive mode only after issuing a /PLOPTS,WP,1 command. See the Modeling and Meshing Guide for more information on working plane tracking. See /PLOPTS command for control of hidden line working plane.

This command is valid in any processor.