These DATABASE commands allow selected subsets of entities to be named as components for easy selection later on.[cname, entity])

Groups geometry items into a component.


Deletes a component or assembly definition.

Mapdl.cmedit([aname, oper, cnam1, cnam2, ...])

Edits an existing assembly.

Mapdl.cmgrp([aname, cnam1, cnam2, cnam3, ...])

Groups components and assemblies into an assembly.

Mapdl.cmlist([name, key, entity])

Lists the contents of a component or assembly.

Mapdl.cmmod([cname, keyword, value])

Modifies the specification of a component.

Mapdl.cmplot([label, entity, keyword])

Plots the entities contained in a component or assembly.

Mapdl.cmsel([type_, name, entity])

Selects a subset of components and assemblies.

Mapdl.cmwrite([option, fname, ext, fnamei, ...])

Writes node and element components and assemblies to a file.