Mapdl.anum(num='', type_='', xhot='', yhot='', **kwargs)#

Specifies the annotation number, type, and hot spot (GUI).

APDL Command: /ANUM


Annotation number. ANSYS automatically assigns the lowest available number. You cannot assign a higher number if a lower number is available; ANSYS will substitute the lowest available number in place of any user-specified higher number.


Annotation internal type number. If TYPE = DELE, delete annotation NUM.

1 - Text

2 - Block text (not available in GUI)

3 - Dimensions

4 - Lines

5 - Rectangles

6 - Circles

7 - Polygons

8 - Arcs

9 - Wedges, pies

11 - Symbols

12 - Arrows

13 - Bitmap


X hot spot (-1.0 < X < 2.0). Used for menu button item delete.


Y hot spot (-1.0 < Y < 1.0). Used for menu button item delete.


This is a command generated by the GUI and will appear in the log file (Jobname.LOG) if annotation is used. This command is not intended to be typed in directly in an ANSYS session (although it can be included in an input file for batch input or for use with the /INPUT command).

Type 13 (bitmap) annotation applies user defined bitmaps defined using the FILE option of the /TXTRE command.

This command is valid in any processor.