Mapdl.dsys(kcn='', **kwargs)#

Activates a display coordinate system for geometry listings and plots.

APDL Command: DSYS


Coordinate system reference number. KCN may be 0,1,2 or any previously defined local coordinate system number.


Boundary condition symbols, vector arrows, and element coordinate system triads are not transformed to the display coordinate system. The display system orientation (for the default view) is X horizontal to the right, Y vertical upward, and Z out of the screen (normal).

Line directions and area directions (/PSYMB,LDIR and /PSYMB,ADIR) are not plotted for DSYS > 0.

When you create ANSYS 3-D annotation, the coordinates are stored to the database in the DSYS that was active at the time of creation. Changing the DSYS does not change the annotation coordinate data in the database.

This command is valid in any processor.