Mapdl.edge(wn='', key='', angle='', **kwargs)#

Displays only the common lines (“edges”) of an object.

APDL Command: /EDGE


Window number (or ALL) to which command applies. The default window is 1.


Edge key:

0 - Display common lines between all adjacent element faces.

1 - Display only the common lines between non-coplanar faces (that is, show only

the edges).


Largest angle between two faces for which the faces are considered to be coplanar (0° to 180°). Defaults to 45°. A smaller angle produces more edges, a larger angle produces fewer edges.


The ANGLE field is used in PowerGraphics to determine geometric discontinuities. It is a tolerance measure for the differences between the normals of the surfaces being considered. Values within the tolerance are accepted as coplanar (geometrically continuous). In postprocessing displays, results are not averaged across discontinuous surfaces.

A surface can be displayed as an edge outline without interior detail. This is useful for both geometry and postprocessing displays. Element outlines are normally shown as solid lines for geometry and displacement displays. Lines common to adjacent “coplanar” element faces are removed from the display. Midside nodes of elements are ignored.

The /SHRINK option is ignored with the edge option.

/EDGE is not supported for PLESOL and /ESHAPE displays when in PowerGraphics mode (/GRAPHICS,POWER).

The /EDGE command is valid in any processor.