graphics#'', **kwargs)#

Defines the type of graphics display.



Graphics key:

FULL - Display all model geometry and results.

POWER - Activate PowerGraphics (default when GUI is on).


The /GRAPHICS command specifies the type of graphics display. Key = POWER activates the PowerGraphics capability. PowerGraphics offers faster plotting than the Key = FULL option, and speeds up element, results, area, line, and volume displays. PowerGraphics mode (the default) is automatically invoked when the GUI is accessed. This action supersedes all prior macros or start up routines (start.ans, config.ans, etc.). Full graphics mode can be accessed only by issuing /GRAPHICS, FULL after the GUI is active.

Results values (both printed and plotted) may differ between the Key = FULL and Key = POWER options because each option specifies a different set of data for averaging and display. For Key = FULL, all element and results values (interior and surface) are included. For Key = POWER, only element and results values along the model exterior surface are processed.

Caution:: : If you have specified one facet per element edge for PowerGraphics displays (via the /EFACET command or via choices from the General Postproc or Utility Menus), PowerGraphics does not plot midside nodes.

The /EFACET command is only applicable to element type displays. (See the descriptions of these commands for more information.)

Maximum values shown in plots can differ from printed maximum values. This is due to different averaging schemes used for plotted and printed maximum values.

PowerGraphics displays do not average at geometric discontinuities. The printouts in PowerGraphics will, however, provide averaging information at geometric discontinuities if the models do not contain shell elements. Carefully inspect the data you obtain at geometric discontinuities.

PowerGraphics does not support the following diffusion analysis results: CONC, CG, DF, EPDI.

Note:: : In Full Graphics mode, it is possible to deselect an individual node, select all elements (including the element that contains that node), and then perform postprocessing calculations on those elements and have that unselected node not be considered in those calculations. However, if PowerGraphics is active, postprocessing always displays based on selected elements.

PowerGraphics does not support membrane shell elements such as SHELL41, and these elements using the membrane-stiffness-only option (KEYOPT1) = 1): SHELL181, SHELL208, and SHELL209.

Commands that are not supported by PowerGraphics are listed below. These commands are executed using the Key = FULL option, regardless of whether PowerGraphics is activated. Only certain options for /CTYPE, /edge, /ESHAPE, *GET, /PNUM, /PSYMB, SHELL, and *VGET are not supported by PowerGraphics. (See the descriptions of these commands for more information.)