Mapdl.grtyp(kaxis='', **kwargs)#

Selects single or multiple Y-axes graph displays.

APDL Command: /GRTYP


Axis selection key:

0 or 1 - Single Y-axis. Up to 10 curves scaled to a single Y-axis.

2 - Additional Y-axes (one for each curve) (3 curves maximum). Allows better

scaling of curves with widely differing numbering ranges.

3 - Same as 2 but with additional Y-axis and curves projected out of the plane (6

curves maximum). Allows clearer display with an isometric view. The default view when KAXIS = 3 is View,1,1,2,3.


The basic line graph has one or more curves plotted against the same Y and X axes. Multiple curve graphs can also be plotted with individual Y axes and the same X axis. The Y axis of the first curve is referred to as the base Y-axis and the Y axes of the other curves as additional Y axes. Curves are numbered sequentially from 1 (the base curve) in the order in which they are displayed. See the /AXLAB, /GROPT, /GRID, and /GTHK commands for other display options.

This command is valid in any processor.