Mapdl.gthk(label='', thick='', **kwargs)#

Sets line thicknesses for graph lines.

APDL Command: /GTHK


Apply thicknesses as selected from the following labels:

AXIS - Modify thickness of ordinate and abscissa axes on graph displays.

GRID - Modify thickness of grid lines on graph displays.

CURVE - Modify thickness of curve lines (when no area fill [/GROPT]).


Thickness ratio (whole numbers only, from -1 to 10):

-1 - Do not draw the curve, but show only the markers specified by /GMARKER.

0 or 1 - Thin lines.

2 - The default thickness.

3 - 1.5 times the default thickness.

etc. - (up to 10)


Sets line thicknesses for graph lines (in raster mode only). Use /GTHK,STAT to show settings.

This command is valid in any processor.