Mapdl.seg(label='', aviname='', delay='', **kwargs)#

Allows graphics data to be stored in the local terminal memory.

APDL Command: /SEG


Storage key:

SINGL - Store subsequent display in a single segment (overwrites last storage).

MULTI - Store subsequent displays in unique segments [ANIM].

DELET - Delete all currently stored segments.

OFF - Stop storing display data in segments.

STAT - Display segment status.

PC - This option only applies to PC versions of ANSYS and only when animating via

the AVI movie player (i.e., /DEVICE,ANIM,2). This command appends frames to the File.AVI, so that the animation goes in both directions (i.e., forward–backward–forward). You must have a current animation file to use this option.


Name of the animation file that will be created when each frame is saved. The .AVI extension is applied automatically. Defaults to Jobname.AVI if no filename is specified.


Delay factor between each frame, in seconds. Defaults to 0.015 seconds if no value is specified.


Allows graphics data to be stored in the terminal local memory (device- dependent). Storage occurs concurrently with the display.

Although the information from your graphics window is stored as an individual segment, you cannot plot directly (GPLOT) from the segment memory.

For the DISPLAY program, the Aviname and DELAY fields are ignored.

This command is valid in any processor.