Mapdl.tiff(kywrd='', opt='', **kwargs)#

Provides TIFF file Export for ANSYS Displays.

APDL Command: TIFF


Specifies various TIFF file export options.

COMP - If Kywrd = COMP, then OPT controls data compression

for the output file. If COMP = 0, then compression is off. If COMP = 1 (default), then compression is on.

ORIENT - If Kywrd = ORIENT, then OPT will determine the

orientation of the entire plot. OPT can be either Horizontal (default) or Vertical.

COLOR - If Kywrd = COLOR, then OPT will determine the

color attribute of the saved file. OPT can be 0, 1, or 2, corresponding to Black and White, Grayscale, and Color (default), respectively.

TMOD - If Kywrd = TMOD, then OPT will determine the text

method. OPT can be either 1 or 0, corresponding to bitmap text (default) or line stroke text, respectively.

DEFAULT - If Kywrd = DEFAULT, then all of the default

values, for all of the Kywrd parameters listed above, are active.


OPT can have the following names or values, depending on the value for Kywrd (see above).

1 or 0 - If Kywrd = COMP, a value or 1 (on) or 0 (off)

will control compression for the TIFF file.

Horizontal, Vertical - If Kywrd = ORIENT, the terms

Horizontal or Vertical determine the orientation of the plot.

0, 1, 2 - If Kywrd = COLOR, the numbers 0, 1, and 2

correspond to Black and White , Grayscale and Color, respectively.

1, 0 - If Kywrd = TMOD, the values 1 and 0 determine

whether bitmap (1) or stroke text (0) fonts will be used