Mapdl.triad(lab='', **kwargs)#

Shows the global XYZ coordinate triad on displays.

APDL Command: /TRIAD


Display triad as follows:

ORIG - Display triad at global origin (default).

OFF - Turn off triad display.

LBOT - Display triad in lower left screen corner.

RBOT - Display triad in lower right screen corner.

LTOP - Display triad in upper left screen corner.

RTOP - Display triad in upper right screen corner.


For efficiency, ANSYS 3-D graphics logic maintains a single data structure (segment), which includes the triad as a 3-D data object. If a 3-D device is involved (/SHOW,3D), and the ANSYS graphics are not being displayed as multi-plots, then the triad location is determined by the view settings for Window #1. A request for triad display anywhere except for the origin could yield an improper display in windows 2 through 5. The program displays the same segment in all windows. The view settings of each window constitute the only difference in the display in the active windows.

This command is valid in any processor.