These GRAPHICS commands are used to annotate a display with notes and symbols.

Mapdl.an3d([kywrd, key])

Specifies 3-D annotation functions

Mapdl.annot([lab, val1, val2])

Activates graphics for annotating displays (GUI).

Mapdl.anum([num, type_, xhot, yhot])

Specifies the annotation number, type, and hot spot (GUI).

Mapdl.lspec([lcolor, linstl, xlnwid])

Specifies annotation line attributes (GUI).

Mapdl.lsymbol([x, y, symang, symtyp, ...])

Creates annotation symbols (GUI).

Mapdl.slash_pcircle([xcentr, ycentr, xlrad])

Creates an annotation circle (GUI).

Mapdl.pmore([x5, y5, x6, y6, x7, y7, x8, y8])

Creates an annotation polygon (GUI).

Mapdl.polygon([nvert, x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, ...])

Creates annotation polygons (GUI).

Mapdl.pspec([pcolor, kfill, kbordr])

Creates annotation polygon attributes (GUI).

Mapdl.pwedge([xcentr, ycentr, xlrad, ...])

Creates an annotation wedge (GUI).

Mapdl.tlabel([xloc, yloc, text])

Creates annotation text (GUI).

Mapdl.tspec([tcolor, tsize, txthic, pangle, ...])

Creates annotation text attributes (GUI).