These GRAPHICS commands are used to change the way a model is displayed.


Specifies the cutting plane for section and capped displays.

Mapdl.ctype([key, dotd, dots, dshp, tlen])

Specifies the type of contour display.

Mapdl.edge([wn, key, angle])

Displays only the common lines ("edges") of an object.

Mapdl.eshape([scale, key])

Displays elements with shapes determined from the real constants or section definition.


Specifies the facet representation used to form solid model displays.

Mapdl.gline([wn, style])

Specifies the element outline style.

Mapdl.gmarker([curve, key, incr])

Specifies the curve marking style.

Mapdl.gmface([lab, n])

Specifies the facet representation used to form solid models.

Mapdl.light([wn, num, int_, xv, yv, zv, refl])

Specifies the light direction for the display window.

Mapdl.normal([wn, key])

Allows displaying area elements by top or bottom faces.

Mapdl.shade([wn, type_])

Defines the type of surface shading used with Z-buffering.

Mapdl.trlcy([lab, tlevel, n1, n2, ninc])

Specifies the level of translucency.