These GRAPHICS commands are used to control the view of the model.

Mapdl.angle([wn, theta, axis, kincr])

Rotates the display about an axis.[wn])

Resets the focus and distance specifications to "automatically

Mapdl.dist([wn, dval, kfact])

Specifies the viewing distance for magnifications and perspective.

Mapdl.focus([wn, xf, yf, zf, ktrans])

Specifies the focus point (center of the window).


Conveniently resets /FOCUS and /DIST to USER.

Mapdl.vcone([wn, phi])

Defines the view cone angle for perspective displays.

Mapdl.view([wn, xv, yv, zv])

Defines the viewing direction for the display.

Mapdl.vup([wn, label])

Specifies the global Cartesian coordinate system reference orientation.

Mapdl.xfrm([lab, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2])

Controls the centroid or the axis of dynamic rotation.

Mapdl.zoom([wn, lab, x1, y1, x2, y2])

Zooms a region of a display window.