Mapdl.desol(elem='', node='', item='', comp='', v1='', v2='', v3='', v4='', v5='', v6='', **kwargs)#

Defines or modifies solution results at a node of an element.



Element number for which results are defined or modified. If ALL, apply to all selected elements [ESEL].


Node of element (actual node number, not the position) to which results are specified. If ALL, specify results for all selected nodes [NSEL] of element. If NODE = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). A component name may also be substituted for NODE.


Label identifying results. Valid item labels are shown in Table 129: DESOL - Valid Item and Component Labels below. Some items also require a component label (Comp).


Component of the item (if required); see Table 129: DESOL - Valid Item and Component Labels.


Value (in the element coordinate system) assigned to the database item (and component, if any). If zero, a zero value will be assigned. If blank, value remains unchanged.

v2, v3, v4, … , v6

Additional values (if any) assigned to the remaining components (in the order corresponding to the Comp list shown below) for the specified Item (starting from the specified Comp label and proceeding to the right).


The DESOL command defines or modifies solution results in the database at a node of an area or volume element. For example, DESOL,35,50,S,X,1000,2000,1000 assigns values 1000, 2000, and 1000 to SX, SY, and SZ (respectively) of node 50 of element 35.

The settings of the POST1 FORCE, SHELL, and LAYER commands, if applicable, further specify which database items are affected.

For layered composite shells, specify the current element layer (LAYER) before issuing the DESOL command.

All data is stored in the solution coordinate system but is displayed in the results coordinate system (RSYS). To list the current results, use the PRESOL command.

Modified solution results are not saved automatically. To save separate records of modified results, use either the RAPPND or LCWRITE command.

Result items are available depending on element type; check the individual element for availability. Valid item and component labels for element results are:

Table: 129:: : DESOL - Valid Item and Component Labels