Summarizes electromagnetic forces and torques.

APDL Command: EMFT


Use this command to summarize electromagnetic force and torque in both static electric and magnetic problems. To use this command, select the nodes in the region of interest and make sure that all elements are selected. If RSYS = 0, the force is reported in the global Cartesian coordinate system. If RSYS ≠ 0, force is reported in the specified coordinate system. However, for torque, if RSYS ≠ 0, this command will account for the shift and rotation as specified by RSYS, but will report only the Cartesian components.

Forces are stored as items _FXSUM, _FYSUM, _FZSUM, and _FSSUM. Torque is stored as items _TXSUM, _TYSUM, _TZSUM, and _TSSUM.

This command is valid only with PLANE121, SOLID122, SOLID123, PLANE233, SOLID236 and SOLID237 elements. For any other elements, you must use FMAGSUM.