Mapdl.nsort(item='', comp='', order='', kabs='', numb='', sel='', **kwargs)#

Sorts nodal data.



Label identifying the item to be sorted on. Valid item labels are shown in the table below. Some items also require a component label.


Component of the item (if required). Valid component labels are shown in the table below.


Order of sort operation:

0 - Sort into descending order.

1 - Sort into ascending order.


Absolute value key:

0 - Sort according to real value.

1 - Sort according to absolute value.


Number of nodal data records to be sorted in ascending or descending order (ORDER) before sort is stopped (remainder will be in unsorted sequence) (defaults to all nodes).


Allows selection of nodes in the sorted field.

(blank) - No selection (default).

SELECT - Select the nodes in the sorted list.


Values are in the active coordinate system [CSYS for input data or RSYS for results data]. Various element results also depend upon the recalculation method and the selected results location [AVPRIN, RSYS, SHELL, ESEL, and NSEL]. If simultaneous load cases are stored, the last sorted sequence formed from any load case applies to all load cases. Use NUSORT to restore the original order. This command is not valid with PowerGraphics.

Table: 213:: : NSORT - Valid Item and Component Labels

Table: 214:: : NSORT - Valid Item and Component Labels for Nodal DOF Result Values

Table: 215:: : NSORT - Valid Item and Component Labels for Element Result Values

Works only if failure criteria information is provided. (For more information, see the documentation for the FC and TB commands.)

Must be added via the FCTYP command first.