Mapdl.plzz(rotvel='', deltarotvel='', **kwargs)#

Plots the interference diagram from a cyclic modal analysis.

APDL Command: PLZZ


Rotational speed in revolutions per minute (RPM) used to define the speed line. If blank, use the rotational speed (from OMEGA) specified in the prestressing step of the linear perturbation analysis. If explicitly input as 0, or if the linear perturbation was not used, no speed lines are plotted.


Adds speed lines about the RotVel speed line corresponding to RotVel ± DeltaRotVel. Only plotted if RotVel is known.


PLZZ plots the cyclic modal frequencies as points on a frequency vs. harmonic index (nodal diameter) graph. If rotational speed (RotVel) is provided, the speed line is also plotted, leading to the interference diagram (also known as the SAFE or ZZENF diagram). If DeltaRotVel is also provided, two additional speed lines are plotted, enveloping the safe speed line itself.

For more information, see Postprocessing a Modal Cyclic Symmetry Analysis in the Cyclic Symmetry Analysis Guide.