Mapdl.prrfor(lab='', **kwargs)#

Prints the constrained node reaction solution. Used with the FORCE

APDL Command: PRRFOR command.


Nodal reaction load type. If blank, use the first ten of all available labels. Valid labels are:


PRRFOR has the same functionality as the PRRSOL command; use PRRFOR instead of PRRSOL when a FORCE command has been issued.

In a non-spectrum analysis, if either contact or pretension elements exist in the model, PRRFOR uses the PRRSOL command internally and the FORCE setting is ignored.

Because modal displacements cannot be used to calculate contact element nodal forces,: those forces are not included in the spectrum and PSD analyses reaction solution. As a consequence, the: PRRFOR: command is not supported when constraints on contact element pilot nodes are present.