Mapdl.senergy(opt='', antype='', **kwargs)#

Determines the stored magnetic energy or co-energy.



Item to be calculated:

0 - Stored magnetic energy.

1 - Stored magnetic co-energy.


Analysis type:

0 - Static or transient.

1 - Harmonic.


SENERGY invokes an ANSYS macro which calculates the stored magnetic energy or co-energy for all selected elements. (For a harmonic analysis, the macro calculates a time-averaged (rms) stored energy.) A summary table listing the energy by material number is produced. The energy density is also calculated and stored on a per-element basis in the element table [ETABLE] with the label MG_ENG (energy density) or MG_COENG (co-energy density). The macro erases all other items in the element table [ETABLE] and only retains the energy density or co-energy density. Use the PLETAB and PRETAB commands to plot and list the energy density. The macro is valid for static and low-frequency magnetic field formulations. The macro will not calculate stored energy and co-energy for the following cases:

Orthotropic nonlinear permanent magnets.

Orthotropic nonlinear permeable materials.

Temperature dependent materials.

SENERGY is restricted to MKSA units.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.