Mapdl.supl(surfname='', rsetname='', kwire='', **kwargs)#

Plot result data on all selected surfaces or on a specified surface.

APDL Command: SUPL


Eight character surface name. ALL will plot all selected surfaces.


Eight character result name.


Plot in context of model.

0 - Plot results without the outline of selected elements.

1 - Plot results with the outline of selected elements.


If RSetName is left blank, then the surface geometry will be plotted. If the Setname portion of the argument is a vector prefix (i.e. if result sets of name SetNameX, SetNameY and SetNameZ exist), ANSYS will plot these vectors on the surface as arrows. For example, SUPL, ALL, NORM will plot the surface normals as vectors on all selected surfaces, since NORMX NORMY and NORMZ are pre-defined geometry items.