Load case calculations#

These POST1 commands are used for combining results from different load steps.

Mapdl.lcabs([lcno, kabs])

Specifies absolute values for load case operations.


Reads a load case into the database.

Mapdl.lcdef([lcno, lstep, sbstep, kimg])

Creates a load case from a set of results on a results file.

Mapdl.lcfact([lcno, fact])

Defines scale factors for load case operations.

Mapdl.lcfile([lcno, fname, ext])

Creates a load case from an existing load case file.

Mapdl.lcoper([oper, lcase1, oper2, lcase2])

Performs load case operations.

Mapdl.lcsel([type_, lcmin, lcmax, lcinc])

Selects a subset of load cases.


Specifies whether to process non-summable items in load case

Mapdl.lcwrite([lcno, fname, ext])

Creates a load case by writing results to a load case file.


Zeroes the results portion of the database.

Mapdl.rappnd([lstep, time])

Appends results data from the database to the results file.