Special purpose#

These POST1 commands are used for various special purposes.

Mapdl.bfint([fname1, ext1, fname2, ext2, ...])

Activates the body force interpolation operation.

Mapdl.cbdof([fname1, ext1, fname2, ext2, ...])

Activates cut-boundary interpolation (for submodeling).

Mapdl.cmsfile([option, fname, ext, cmskey])

Specifies a list of component mode synthesis (CMS) results files for

Mapdl.cyccalc([fileprefix, fileformat])

Calculates results from a cyclic harmonic mode-superposition analysis

Mapdl.cycfiles([fnamerst, extrst, ...])

Specifies the data files where results are to be found for a cyclic

Mapdl.cycphase([type_, option])

Provides tools for determining minimum and maximum possible result

Mapdl.cycspec([label, node, item, comp])

Defines the set of result items for a subsequent CYCCALC command in

Mapdl.exoption([ldtype, option, value])

Specifies the EXPROFILE options for the Mechanical APDL to ANSYS CFX profile file transfer.

Mapdl.expand([nrepeat, hindex, icsys, ...])

Displays the results of a modal cyclic symmetry analysis.

Mapdl.exprofile([ldtype, load, value, ...])

Exports interface loads or loads on selected nodes to an ANSYS CFX

Mapdl.exunit([ldtype, load, untype, name])

Specifies the interface load unit labels to be written to the export

Mapdl.fssparm([port1, port2])

Calculates reflection and transmission properties of a frequency

Mapdl.fsum([lab, item])

Sums the nodal force and moment contributions of elements.

Mapdl.hfang([lab, phi1, phi2, theta1, theta2])

Defines or displays spatial angles of a spherical radiation surface for

Mapdl.hfsym([kcn, xkey, ykey, zkey])

Indicates the presence of symmetry planes for the computation of


Integrates nodal results on an exterior surface.

Mapdl.kcalc([kplan, mat, kcsym, klocpr])

Calculates stress intensity factors in fracture mechanics analyses.


Sums the nodal forces and moments of elements attached to nodes.

Mapdl.nldpost([label, key, fileid, prefix])

Gets element component information from nonlinear diagnostic files.

Mapdl.plcamp([option, slope, unit, freqb, ...])

Plots Campbell diagram data for applications involving rotating

Mapdl.plcfreq([spec, sectbeg, sectend])

Plots the frequency response for the given CYCSPEC specification.

Mapdl.plchist([spec, freqpt])

Plots a histogram of the frequency response of each sector for the

Mapdl.plfar([lab, option, phi1, phi2, nph1, ...])

Plots pressure far fields and far field parameters.

Mapdl.plmc([lstep, sbstep, timfrq, kimg, ...])

Plots the modal coordinates from a mode-superposition solution.

Mapdl.plnear([lab, opt, kcn, val1, val2, ...])

Plots the pressure in the near zone exterior to the equivalent source

Mapdl.plzz([rotvel, deltarotvel])

Plots the interference diagram from a cyclic modal analysis.

Mapdl.pras([quantity, loadstep, substep])

Calculates a specified acoustic quantity on the selected exterior

Mapdl.prcamp([option, slope, unit, freqb, ...])

Prints Campbell diagram data for applications involving rotating

Mapdl.prfar([lab, option, phi1, phi2, nph1, ...])

Prints pressure far fields and far field parameters.

Mapdl.prnear([lab, opt, kcn, val1, val2, ...])

Prints the pressure in the near zone exterior to the equivalent source

Mapdl.reswrite([fname, cflag])

Appends results data from the database to a results file.


Writes eigenvectors of fluid nodes to a file for use in damping

Mapdl.rsplit([option, label, name1, name2, ...])

Creates one or more results file(s) from the current results file based

Mapdl.rstmac([file1, lstep1, sbstep1, ...])


Mapdl.spoint([node, x, y, z])

Defines a point for moment summations.

Mapdl.spmwrite([method, nmode, inputs, ...])

Calculates the state-space matrices and writes them to the SPM file.