Mapdl.keep(key='', **kwargs)#

Stores POST26 definitions and data during active session.

APDL Command: KEEP


State or value

On or 1 - Allows you to exit and reenter /POST26 without losing your current time history

variable information. Keeps a cache of the /POST26 variable information including the active file name (FILE), variable definitions (NSOL, ESOL, GAPF, RFORCE, SOLU, and EDREAD) and stored variable data in memory for the current ANSYS session.

Off or 0 - /POST26 variable information is deleted when you exit /POST26.


Your variable information is saved in memory only for the current active ANSYS session. It is deleted when you exit ANSYS. This information is also deleted when you issue /CLEAR, RESUME, SOLVE, or RESET.

When you reenter /POST26 all time history variable data is available for use. When you issue STORE,NEW, variable definitions created by math operations such as ADD or PROD will not be restored. However, variables defined with NSOL, ESOL, GAPF, RFORCE, SOLU, and EDREAD will be restored. Only the last active results file name is kept in memory (FILE).

Commands such as LAYERP26, SHELL, and FORCE that specify the location or a component of data to be stored will retain the setting at the time of exiting /POST26 .