prod#'', ia='', ib='', ic='', name='', facta='', factb='', factc='', **kwargs)#

Multiplies variables.

APDL Command: PROD


Arbitrary reference number assigned to the resulting variable (2 to NV [NUMVAR]). If this number is the same as for a previously defined variable, the previously defined variable will be overwritten with this result.

ia, ib, ic

Reference numbers of the three variables to be operated on. If only two leave IC blank. If only one, leave IB blank also.


Thirty-two character name identifying the variable on printouts and displays. Embedded blanks are compressed for output.

facta, factb, factc

Scaling factors (positive or negative) applied to the corresponding variables (default to 1.0).


Multiplies variables (up to three at once) according to the operation:

IR = (FACTA x IA) x (FACTB x IB) x (FACTC x IC)