Mapdl.vput(par='', ir='', tstrt='', kcplx='', name='', **kwargs)#

Moves an array parameter vector into a variable.

APDL Command: VPUT


Array parameter vector in the operation.


Arbitrary reference number assigned to this variable (1 to NV [NUMVAR]). Overwrites any existing results for this variable.


Time (or frequency) corresponding to start of IR data. If between values, the nearer value is used.


Complex number key:

  • 0 - Use the real part of the IR data.

  • 1 - Use the imaginary part of the IR data.


Thirty-two character name identifying the item on printouts and displays. Defaults to the label formed by concatenating VPUT with the reference number IR.


At least one variable should be defined (NSOL, ESOL, RFORCE, etc.) before using this command. The starting array element number must be defined. For example,`` VPUT,A(1),2`` moves array parameter A to variable 2 starting at time 0.0. Looping continues from array element A(1) with the index number incremented by one until the variable is filled. Unfilled variable locations are assigned a zero value. The number of loops may be controlled with the *VLEN command (except that loop skipping (NINC) is not allowed). For multi-dimensioned array parameters, only the first (row) subscript is incremented.