These POST26 commands are used to perform operations on the stored variables.

Mapdl.abs([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms the absolute value of a variable.

Mapdl.add([ir, ia, ib, ic, name, facta, ...])

Adds (sums) variables.

Mapdl.atan([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms the arctangent of a complex variable.

Mapdl.clog([ir, ia, name, facta, factb])

Forms the common log of a variable

Mapdl.conjug([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms the complex conjugate of a variable.

Mapdl.deriv([ir, iy, ix, name, facta])

Differentiates a variable.

Mapdl.exp([ir, ia, name, facta, factb])

Forms the exponential of a variable.

Mapdl.filldata([ir, lstrt, lstop, linc, ...])

Fills a variable by a ramp function.

Mapdl.imagin([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms an imaginary variable from a complex variable.

Mapdl.int1([ir, iy, ix, name, facta, factb, ...])

Integrates a variable.

Mapdl.large([ir, ia, ib, ic, name, facta, ...])

Finds the largest (the envelope) of three variables.

Mapdl.nlog([ir, ia, name, facta, factb])

Forms the natural log of a variable.

Mapdl.prod([ir, ia, ib, ic, name, facta, ...])

Multiplies variables.

Mapdl.quot([ir, ia, ib, name, facta, factb])

Divides two variables.

Mapdl.realvar([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms a variable using only the real part of a complex variable.

Mapdl.small([ir, ia, ib, ic, name, facta, ...])

Finds the smallest of three variables.

Mapdl.sqrt([ir, ia, name, facta])

Forms the square root of a variable.