Special purpose#

These POST26 commands are used for various special purposes.

Mapdl.cvar([ir, ia, ib, itype, datum, name])

Computes covariance between two quantities.

Mapdl.pmgtran([fname, freq, fcnam1, fcnam2, ...])

Summarizes electromagnetic results from a transient analysis.

Mapdl.rcyc([ir, ia, sector, name])

Calculates cyclic results for a mode-superposition harmonic solution.

Mapdl.resp([ir, lftab, ldtab, spectype, ...])

Generates a response spectrum.

Mapdl.rpsd([ir, ia, ib, itype, datum, name, ...])

Calculates response power spectral density (PSD).

Mapdl.smooth([vect1, vect2, datap, fitpt, ...])

Allows smoothing of noisy data and provides a graphical representation

Mapdl.vput([par, ir, tstrt, kcplx, name])

Moves an array parameter vector into a variable.

Mapdl.vget([par, ir, tstrt, kcplx])

Moves a variable into an array parameter vector.